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Easingwold Squadron has new recruiter

2014-06-18 15:10:29
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By Wing(ed) Flyer 180-1 - 2487 (Easingwold) Squadron

Easingwold Squadron took their new secret weapon onto the streets of Haxby and Wigginton over the Bank Holiday weekend (3-5 May). Each Spring Bank Holiday weekend the local  Methodist Church in the villages of Haxby and Wigginton run a fund raising ‘Scarecrow Festival’ this year in support of Martin House “Good night’s sleep” appeal and other local charities.

Easingwold squadron were invited to take part along with another 150 families and businesses in the local area. Scarecrows are made and put up in gardens and business premises and people pay for a route card to visit the temporary attractions which vary from Postman Pat, to farmers, dentists, Doctor Who, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and snipers hiding in hedges.

With the help of CI Kay Tester who works in the Haxby Branch of HSBC Bank, authority was given for the squadron’s effort to take up residence over the weekend in their window.

Thinking of a great opportunity to recruit and having established that the new face of our recruiting, Sir Chris Hoy, was busy that weekend (and anyway they didn’t fancy asking him to stand in the bank window without moving for 3 days in case he triggered the alarms) the squadron came up with Sergeant Man - Straw Man. A finely honed six foot tall young ‘thing’ made of the finest straw, smartly be-decked in uniform and carrying the squadron banner as seen in the photograph above. A couple of pull up recruiting boards finished the display. By way of an added bonus the HSBC Bank has awarded the squadron £500 for CI Kay Tester’s volunteering in the local community - so two lots of thanks go to HSBC.

Whether Cdt Sgt Straw Man has done any good will be seen later.

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