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Nine Lifesavers at 1466

2014-05-20 12:11:34
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By 1466 Sqn Website - 1466 (Holmfirth) Squadron

Nine Holmfirth Air Cadets took part in a First Aid Weekend held in April  at 59 Huddersfield Squadron.

It was a two day course with an assessment to gain the Heartstart Certificate and Youth First Aid Certificate.

First Aid is a compulsory part of cadet training, the skills you are taught are useful in your every day life.

Do you know what to do if someone collapses in front of you?

If the answer is NO you need to sign up for the next First Aid Course held in Sector 5 or if you are aged 16 years and above the Activity First Aid Course held at Wing Head Quarters is the one for you. Ask the Training Officer on squadron.

Congratulations to Cadet Brandon Mclean, Cadet Charlotte Hurt, Cadet Molly Doyle, Cadet Daisy Airstone, Cadet Benjamin Mercer,Cadet Carl Sykes,Cadet Bethany Knapton, Cadet Joshua Mawhinney,Cadet Ryan White.

For more information please visit the Squadron website

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