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Promotion Success at 1114

2014-04-23 09:42:06
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By Cadet Warrant Officer Megan Taylor - 1114 (Gosforth) Squadron

2014 has been a fantastic year already for 1114, with dozens of activities such as cross country, climbing, shooting and gliding already behind them. However, whilst achievements on a squadron level have been rife, personal achievements have also been made by five of the squadron’s cadets and NCOs.

On the 18th January, Flight Sergeant Megan Taylor, 18, made the leap to Cadet Warrant Officer following an interview with the Wing Commander and other wing staff. The appointment can only be done on a Wing level and marks the end of Cadet Warrant Officer Taylor’s promotions, for she has gained the highest rank she can whilst still a cadet. Cadet Warrant Officer Taylor said: “I’m so grateful for what the Air Cadets and the squadron has given to me over the years and I’m excited to continue giving back to the squadron as a Cadet Warrant Officer.”

Further success was gained by Corporal Sarah Toward, also 18, who was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on February 6th. Sergeant Toward had maintained a large presence on fundraising events throughout 2013, as well as constantly improving herself on the squadron, all of which proved to the OC, Flt Lt O’Roarty, that she was capable of taking on the challenges of becoming a Senior NCO. Of her promotion, Sergeant Toward said: “I am really proud of my promotion because it felt like all my efforts had paid off. I can’t wait to put all of my new ideas into motion.”

Perhaps the most difficult move as an NCO is the very first step from cadet to Corporal, a move which three 1114 cadets made on the 17th February. Cadets Vince-Urwin, Cawley and Pike made perhaps the biggest jump of their cadet careers by gaining the rank of Corporal, for outstanding efforts on all of their parts. The three new Junior NCOs had impressed the squadron’s staff with their commitment and their unwavering dedication to the unit. All three cadets had made significant contributions to the squadron in 2013, with Corporal Vince-Urwin and Corporal Pike representing North Region at last year’s Inter-Region Athletics completion, and Corporal Cawley attending many wing events and camps.

“I was so proud that I was promoted,” Corporal Joe Cawley, 15, said. “I couldn’t wait to tell all of my family as I knew they’d be extremely proud of me too.” Corporal Jasmine Pike, also 15, said of her promotion: “I’m really glad that the staff thought I’d worked hard enough to achieve Corporal. I’m so happy my efforts have paid off. I’m excited for the challenges ahead of me as an NCO.”

Cadets in the Air Training Corps can gain four different ranks, each with their own roles and challenges – Corporal, Sergeant, Flight Sergeant and Cadet Warrant Officer. A promotion signifies that a cadet has gone above and beyond what is expected of them, and that is certainly the case with all those who’ve been promoted in 2014. The challenges ahead of the NCO team at Gosforth will certainly inspire many a cadet to aim for promotion, and Gosforth looks forward to the coming year with its new NCOs.

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