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Promotions at the Squadron

2014-02-11 15:22:21
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By 1104 Sqn Website - 1104 (Pendle) Squadron

On Thursday night, Corporal K Hudson and Sergeant C Tansey, of Pendal Air Cadets, were promoted to the ranks of Sergeant and Flight Sergeant.

Squadron Leader Dolan came down to the Squadron to interview the NCOs and decided to promote them to their new ranks. Sgt Hudson will now take on the role of organising Corporals and ensuring that each task is completed properly while encouraging the leadership skills of lower ranks. FS Tansey will ensure that squadron activities as a whole are running properly and will give tasks to Sgt Hudson for him to carry out.

The promotions have allowed for a better NCO structure, ready to handle the arrival of new recruits over the coming months.

For more information please visit the Squadron website

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