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Cadet Corporal Wood'S a Lifesaver!

2014-02-07 11:11:22
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Well done to Cadet Corporal Ethan Wood of 80 (Bolton) Squadron who saved his father's life. Corporal Wood arrived home from a day out with friends recently to find his father, aged just 41, having a heart-attack.

Using the First Aid skills he learnt with the Air Cadets, Corporal Wood acted decisively, alerted the Emergency Services and used his First Aid skills until the paramedics arrived, specifically ensuring that his father continued to breathe and remained calm.

Corporal Wood's father, Peter, has made a complete recovery, and he came into Squadron to tell the staff about his son's actions. Peter Wood told the staff of how his heart stopped in the ambulance and was revived by the paramedics. Without Corporal Wood’s First Aid action, this would have happened sooner, before the ambulance arrived.

Mr Wood told the staff that the paramedics commented: "Your son's actions saved your life!"

Flight Lieutenant Mark Love, Officer Commanding 80 (Bolton) Squadron, congratulated Corporal Wood on his life-saving actions during final parade.

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