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Double Cadet CV Presentation at 1053

2014-02-05 09:20:21
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By CI Rob Wenban - 1053 (Armthorpe) Squadron

On Tuesday 4th February 2014, Cadets A Shilito and U Rashid of 1053 (Armthorpe) Squadron were presented with their impressive ‘Air Cadet CVs’.  

After being presented with his award Cadet Shilito said, “I am delighted to receive my ‘Air Cadet CV’, as it indicates the many varied activities that I have participated in whilst on duty in the ACO.” 

Squadron Training Officer, CI Rob Wenban said, “The Air Cadet CV is a fairly new innovation from the ACO.  It recognises the significant achievements and contribution cadets make to the organisation.  In order to qualify for the award a cadet has to have ‘completed a minimum of 18 months enrolled service’, gained the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award’, participated in a ‘residential activity’, completed a ‘range detail with the .22 or air rifle’, flown in an ‘RAF aircraft or glider’ and passed the ‘Leading Cadet’ Syllabus.  As more mature cadets at 1053 they both now have an official citation recognising their excellent efforts and achievements over recent years.  Outstanding!”

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