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First Aid Course

2014-01-27 09:15:51
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By Cdt D Connell - 2431 (Keighley) Squadron

On 17th-19th January 2013, Cpl Smillie and I attended a St John’s Youth First Aid Course at RAF Linton-on-Ouse.

We arrived at RAF Linton-on-Ouse at 5:45pm on Friday, three hours before everyone else. We consumed this time by working on Uniform (something that has to be good on an RAF Station). Others arrived from 8pm onwards. They were settled in their rooms. Throughout the rest of the night. We sat down in the briefing room in Thunderbird block, the building used for RAC Camps. Everyone started talking to each other whilst we watched a film. It was key to getting to know each other as it would make things less awkward the next day.

The real work started the day after. First we had to eat our breakfasts to help us get through the day ahead. One thing I like about camps is the food! We then marched to the block we would be learning first aid in. PowerPoint after PowerPoint, we learnt new things that are vital in everyday life because anyone could drop to the ground and be seriously injured. We practised our CPR Skills on a “Little Anne”, the doll used to practise and teach CPR on. We also got a chance to slap a Cadet Flight Sergeant practising our back slaps and abdominal thrusts with a special jacket. We also learned about Shock, diabetes and heart attacks. After we finished the rest of the day was ours.

We all changed into our Civvies and watched another film. A Cadet suggested that we ordered a Pizza, so we did. For the rest of the night we relaxed and made new friends with other Cadets from around Yorkshire.

Awake and ready for our exams, we went to the Halifax Block to go over everything we learnt the day before, as well as new things such as bites and stings. As the clock struck 1 o’clock, we were called into three rooms where we were assessed by RAF Officers. This was the chance to show our understanding of what we have learnt.

Cpl Smillie and I both passed the exams so we are now qualified First Aiders.

A First Aid Qualification can help if someone has been injured, as well as making your CV stand out from the rest. As well as gaining this qualification, we gained new friends. It's another Course I've done with the 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC which I wouldn't have done anywhere else.

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