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Stockport Air Cadets Are on Target

2013-12-17 09:26:33
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By Flt Lt L Moore - 162 (Stockport) Squadron

Stockport Air Cadets have achieved great success recently in attaining marksman qualifications during target shooting practices on the Air Rifle, Number 8 Rifle & L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle.
To qualify as for their Marksman Badges cadets have to demonstrate their ability to hit the target accurately and consistently doing different shooting practices.

Cadet Corporal Blake Noden and Cadet Josh Parry have just achieved their Corps Marksmanship Awards with the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle during a recent Greater Manchester Wing Shoot at RAF Shawbury 
Cadet Corporal Noden said of his achievement, “The Grouping and Deliberate exercises are a test of our ability to fire and get the rounds on the target as close together and get the highest score, you get plenty of time to complete the practice and it is all about accurately and consistently. The Rapid fire practice is something quite different, you have a time limit and just a few seconds to fire all your rounds and hit the target and that really isn't too easy”.

Officer Commanding 162 (Stockport) Squadron, Flight Lieutenant Lee Moore said “Shooting is one of the most enjoyable activities we offer and we’ve certainly got some top shots on the unit now and I’m the lucky one who gets to present the cadets with their badges!”

In addition to working towards achieving Marksmanship badges cadets from the squadron have had the opportunity to fire new weapons and practice firing from positions other than the prone position for the very first time – something that has only recently been introduced into the Air Cadets.

Cadet Corporal Ryan Street, one of the lucky cadets said. “I have been coming shooting for a long time now but I am looking forward to improving my shooting from the kneeling and sitting positions!”



Cadets at all levels of the Air Training Corps have the opportunity to participate in the sport of rifle shooting. Safety is paramount with all ATC activities and shooting is certainly no exception. Training is an integral part of the system and each cadet is fully trained before they are permitted to conduct range practices. Supervising staff are similarly trained to deal with any eventualities and to ensure that the range is run safely and efficiently.

Shooting is one of the many activities offered at Stockport Air Cadets. Girls and boys from 13 years of age have the chance to do many activities including visits to RAF Stations, Adventure Training & Flying.

The squadron meets every Monday and Thursday night from 7pm at their Headquarters, Lockwood Fold, Buxton Road, Stockport, SK2 6LS. If you want to be part of their January intake then visit, Telephone (0161) 4804390 or email

For more information please visit the Squadron website

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