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148 Raise Vital Funds

2013-11-22 11:53:00
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By Cdt Shannon Copeland - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Recently I had taken part in a fundraising opportunity with our Squadron (148, Barnsley) to offer our services courtesy of Tesco, Stairfoot. We offered customers of the store to have their bags packed for a voluntary donation. We were raising money to fund the purchases of equipment for our Squadron.



On the day we were instructed regarding the correct procedures to follow. Cadets, including myself, happily took a part in this and we all gelled together as a team. We all took turns in exchanging roles, so we all had the experience of each area.


We changed around our duties now and then between assisting at the check outs and standing at the entrance collecting donations. As the work was tiring to a certain degree, we organised regular short breaks to ensure that we could stay as long as possible, as some cadets were only able to do a few hours. Some of us had not done anything like this before, so we teamed up in pairs to support each other, to ensure that we gave an excellent service.


After an hour or so, it became less difficult and we became more efficient, and customers commented on this. This gave us pride and encouragement. Myself and a few other cadets started at around 9-10am and finished around 4-5pm. At the end of the day we all had our photograph taken outside the store as a group. I found the experience helpful and a confidence booster.


At first, I was rather nervous of it, as I had never done it before. But after a while I felt much more comfortable with it. I was more interactive with the other cadets too. I enjoyed the conversations I had with some customers, due to their curiosity of the Squadron or telling me their stories of relations who took part in air-force related events. We found out on the next parade night at Squadron, and also via Facebook, that we raised £900+ I felt proud of this, as I know the cadets who participated put effort into it, and I’m sure they feel the same. I think this experience will bring some to benefit for any other opportunities that may appear for the Squadron to take part in.

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